#01 kaunas

An emerging cultural centre of the Baltics, Kaunas is the first guest city of InterUrban.

Passing the title of European Capital of Culture to Veszprém, it delivers a refreshing dose of clean-cut jazz, street photography and screening of unique community-inspired animation movie Klostes. 

The second city of Lithuania has been a trade centre since the Middle Ages, afforded by its strategic location at the confluence of the Neumas and Neris rivers. Its past was shaped by often oppressive forces from Teutonic Knights to Soviet Russia, it belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Hanseatic League, but it always retained its character and affability. The city celebrated 2022 with international artists, community projects and a splurge of creative energies - of which they are happy to deliver an offering to Veszprém. 


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