#09 Chemnitz
#09 Bottrop

Two German cities, East and West unite symbolically in the InterUrban programmes of May. Veszprém’s twin city Bottrop joins the bearer of the ECoC title of 2025; Chemnitz, as the three trade impressions, music and ideas of their shared values.

Bottrop is no stranger to Veszprém citizens: mutual visits, study and cultural exchange programmes have been drawing the cities together for 35 years. Chemnitz shares its mindset and prequels to the 2025 title year, offering a taste of local culture and community building initiatives. 

Upon closer inspection, paralels emerge: both Chemnitz and Bottrop are proud of their industrial past while looking to the future, while all three are connected by a European identity. Interurban’s programmes make the connection tangible, and show us how easily ideas and empathy travels through music. 


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